"Having been in the beer industry for 10 years now I've come to appreciate the importance of the social aspect of having a beer next to cherishing its incredible flavors from all beer styles around the world."

When I met my wife's father for the first time and found out he was diagnosed with celiac disease in his mid 50's I realized two things:

One, It can happen to me. I found it very humbling knowing that I could be forced to give up cold beer after a hard days work or at social events like a ballgame with my friends.

Secondly, I was not convinced that her father had to give up these social experiences having a beer and for that matter with his own son-in-law on nice hot summer day. So that is when I decided to pursue homebrewing gluten free beer at a craft brew level."

My father in law's favorite beer is the dark ale low gluten recipe which is brewed to be like a Porter clone. A mix of sorghum and roasted barley malts lightly hopped with kent golding hops. Fermented with English Yeast. I also shared this same beer with his nephew who is more allergic to gluten and he raved over it.

Jonathan has been with MoreBeer.com since 2001. He is their resident Lager expert. He loves to brew on his MoreBeer! Brewsculpture. He has made plenty of award-winning beers. Recently, he has gotten back into brewing partial boil mini-step mashes to save time.

In 2005, Jonathan took a Gold Medal at the National Homebrew Competition for an American Light Lager. That same year he started up The Brewing Network with his partner Justin Crossley. In 2006, he Co-Founded The Jamil Show, a free downloadable podcast on how to brew every style of beer on the BJCP style guidelines. Later that Fall, he won California Homebrewer of the Year! sponsored by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.

During the summer of 2008, Plise retired from The Brewing Network to pursue his interests in winemaking where his energies went to building his winery website: plisewinery.com. In 2010 he released his first professional vintage, a Cabernet Sauvignon from Knights Valley, Sonoma County, California.

Recently, he has been contemplating about opening up his own brew pub in the East Bay, California.

Brewing Experience

About the Author: Jonathan Plise

It is important to thank Jason Petros for introducing me to the idea of malting buckwheat when we shared an office together. Good times! He sourced sorghum malt extract making it available at MoreBeer! Jason is responsible for submitting the lab test to ABC Research Corp and Northland Laboratories and working directly with Whitelabs. MoreBeer! proudly funded the lab fees.

Together we collaborated on recipes which were the original recipes brewed by Whitelabs and sent to lab for analysis. This was the incredible break through we found from the results.

We discovered that yeast metabolize the gliadin protein to what degree is still unknown. We also discovered that heated carmelized malts over 40L leave undetectable amounts of gluten thus leaving us to believe that the endosperm is killed off during the heating process killing the gliadin protein. We also discovered Whitelabs liquid yeast in the vial is below the allergin threshold for celiacs at 12ppm.

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Jonathan Plise: Brewer & Winemaker

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